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[Thanks to her communicator manifesting as an omni-tool, Ashley does head and shoulders selfies from her forearm. This particular one is in front of what had been a grocery store before she left but is now a shoe shop. Cool, timey wimey problems, cool.

[Those who have met her before may notice she has a new jacket, and not one sold in the stores around here.]

Hey - Commander Ashley Williams here. [And those who have met her before may also notice she's had a promotion. One that she looks briefly embarrassed to mention, now that she remembers it doesn't matter here, but moving on.] After the trip a lot of us had into the QZ, I'm thinking we could all use a morale boost. And we should definitely celebrate a successful mission and everyone coming back. [From the dead, mostly, but hey.]

So: Victory party, in the gardens on Salvation, next Saturday. Maybe that will be enough time for the tech heads to give us all some good news about their work as well. You can come even if you didn't come on the trip - this is everyone's fight. Bring food. I'm gonna see if I can find a grill.

... after I find the grocery store.

Williams, out.
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[Here's a communicator signature nobody was probably expecting. Thor revives a little later than most of the crew, possibly due to it being done in a slightly different manner than most-- him being... you know... not from the ship.

But here he is, on the screen, a backdrop of Salvation and stars beyond her framing his confused but relieved face, apparently back from being dead. He's also lacking in his armor, since that presumably went down with his body in the plague city. He'll summon it back eventually, but for now he has more important things on his mind: like whether they succeeded at all. Enjoy the shirtless Thor on the screen, guys.]

Well! How many people made it back from our excursion into the wastelands? And how long have I been away? I apologize for my absence, and my, ah, death. I admit I was not really expecting it.

[Despite trying to take on a couple hundred wraiths with nothing but a hammer. He's Thor, okay, and he's only experience almost-death once, and that as a mortal.]
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[Oh, look. Look who showed up on the ship. And she's just a little perturbed. And curious.]

Oh! I'm back here? And so how long has it been this time? I'm pretty sure I've missed a few things. [she huffs] I had a presentation to make.


Aug. 29th, 2015 04:23 pm
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[The camera's pointed away from Tony, showing a vacant lot filled with cracked piping and crumbling timbers, like a construction graveyard. On the edge of the screen, the fieldstone wall leading up to a brightly painted exhaust stack suggests he's somewhere in the industrial district - and those who've had occasion to visit his workshop might recognize the glasswork building across the street from where he'd set up.]

Is it just me, or was there a building here this morning?

[The answer here is 'yes, a thriving warehouse' - or, if not that morning, as recent as anyone's last visit to the area.]
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Whose got two thumbs and is actually a teenager now?

[Molly grins and points towards herself with both those thumbs. She finally sat down and did the math.]
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[Anyone who's been to the Skywalkers' apartment will recognize their living room in the background. Luke looks tired but happier than he's been in a while.]

I'm hoping I can ask a favor of somebody. We're in the home stretch now and Kaylee could go into labor any day. She's been able to get rides from people here and there but as far as our own reliable transportation, all we have is the motorcycle, and that won't work for obvious reasons.

[It would be both scary and ridiculous. Seriously, try not to picture it.]

Would anyone be willing to lend us their vehicle for... maybe a few weeks tops? Something that would be safe for Kaylee, just so that we're not stuck begging someone for a ride to the hospital at three in the morning while Kaylee's having contractions. As you can probably imagine, that would be a disaster.

[He briefly presses his lips together in thought.]

Actually, come to think of it, would anybody be okay with being woken up in the middle of the night to be our backup ride or help in general if we need it? I'm trying to be prepared for all the possibilities and... it'd be nice to know who we can call on just in case.
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[Molly is sitting in the gardens of the ship. She's been mulling over what to do with this information and come to the conclusion that she can't just keep it to herself.]

Something happened during the festival. People need to hear about it. But not like this. I'm on the ship now. It's safer to talk there.
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It took a while for me to work out all the numbers, but it's official. I'm now only breaking half as many wizarding laws here by doing magic.

[He's smiling at this realization. Some people would say it was just their birthday. But there's something about Gryffindors and rules.]
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[Though the shriek isn't caught on camera, Lyall is quick to bring his communicator up to video the form he sees flying through the air across the face of Antigua. If he didn't know better... well. He streams that onto the network, first without commentary, but then, once it's out of sight again, with text.]

Did anyone else see that or did I drink formaldehyde without realizing it, tonight?

[Because, uh, he's got a wolf's head still. He can't ask that out loud.]
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[Filtered from Tenel Ka]

[In a highly shocking turn of events, Neville looks nervous.]

So. Uh. Convergence.

And the festival.

[He has the flower situation well under control. And nothing else.]

What are you supposed to... do, when you take a girl to a party like that? I've got dancing down, but that's about it...
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McCoy here.

If you're one of our set of people inclined to hit things, I've got a list of targets for you. Three separate incursions into this reality need to be taken care of.

If you've never gone after them before, they're variations on that thing that washed up down at the docks a couple weeks ago: big, nasty, and if you take an injury from them, inhale particles from them or otherwise get their material in contact with yours, you're in for a damned painful and currently unpreventable death.

Normally I prefer that people avoid activities that risk them dying horribly, but these things are a drain on Salvation's resources. Since the greater good would indicate stopping them before they multiply to keeping reality from coming apart at the seams, I'll make an exception this time. Try not to cuddle them.

I also have some information on that little complication Salvation filled us in on and a potential solution for it. I'll make a point of lingering in the ship gardens if you want to know more, because I'm sure as hell not talking about it on an open channel.
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Hey, could one of you guys get to the southern docks? There's a woman who just appeared here and she's bleeding. Like, a lot. One of the guys here is a trained combat medic, so he's stabilizing her, but I'm pretty sure we're going to need more help. Also, I smell something toxic on her, and I know that can't be good.
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[This is Sarea's first time making a post to the network - she's never bothered before - so she's slightly hesitant, even though she's done her best to get the right number and lock it properly and everything]

Hey, um, Kaylee! Hope this goes through alright. Wondered if you'd like to come hangout at our house sometime? Have some tea, or whatever you drink, some snacks, chat. Need some girl time, what with always being surrounded by guys.

[Belatedly she realizes she should probably ask the guys if it's okay to invite someone over, but... eh. shouldn't be an issue.]
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[ The speaker looks positively average: brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. His voice is composed despite the message. ] I am Commander Wedge Antilles of Rogue Squadron. [ He shifts closer into view, wincing in pain. But as quickly as it comes, it goes. He settles his expression back into neutrality. ] I've crash landed here and I'd appreciate help fishing out my snubfighter. Or at least getting my cargo and astromech out of it.

I don't have much in the way of payment, but there's three bottles of my world's best whiskey in there. [ And Kettch, Wedge remembers absentmindedly. ] Oh, and some food rations. [ Wryly. ] Unless you like cardboard, I wouldn't recommend them.

Antilles out. [ And the transmission ends. ]
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[Bruce is taking a rare break in Tony and Pepper's apartment, helping himself to a cup of tea in the kitchen. There are a bunch of notes spread out on the table, so it's not a real break, but it's as close as he gets.]

Before I...disappeared, I offered to lecture on various topics that might be useful to people here, regardless of where or when they come from. I used to teach physics several years ago, but I could also cover things like engineering, first aid, gardening, chemistry and biology, etc. Whatever you'd like to learn about. And obviously I don't know everything, so people would be welcome to do lectures of their own.

[Locked to Pepper and Tony]

Sorry I haven't managed to find a new place yet; it's still on my list of things to do. Maybe before I leave next weekend...Bones and I are going to offer medical assistance to the bandits, so maybe they won't feel the need to raid the hospital.

[Locked to Wes]

I might have a solution for your satellite problem.
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Good evening... Randolph Lyall here.

[For those of them who don't recognize him by now. His face is only on camera briefly, however, before he turns it up to the now-clear sky, panning slowly and steadily around to show as much of it as he can-- well, the parts he's noticed have changed. Wherever he is, it's far enough from Poseidon and any residual lights that the stars are very clear.]

I'm not really sure if anyone has noticed, but the sky has changed from what I remember. I spend most of my nights out under it, especially lately, so I take note of the stars quite a bit. That set there--

[He pauses the camera over one constellation in particular.]

--belongs several feet over to my left, and this one--

[He moves the camera again.]

--belongs several along the horizon at this time of night. Even worse, at least one formation I've actually taken note of seems to have vanished entirely, or at least is now missing enough pieces that I can no longer identify it.

[He doesn't memorize every star there is, you know. Just the patterns that help keep him on track when scent trails fail him, or that stand out when a nocturnal wolf is bored and watching the stars.]

I'm not at all sure what could do such a thing. Whether the planet system has moved and we didn't notice, whether something is blocking them out, or... well, I'm open to ideas, if anyone has any.
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[Molly's not exactly good at hiding her emotions. She's a twelve year old girl. They are not famed for being able to keep emotions small. Especially not when she's upset.]

Does anyone else get really tired of people disappearing all the time?

[Pietro disappeared and then he came back and then Todd disappeared and then Pietro disappeared again. Molly is not happy with this situation at all.]
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While I don't know many of you very well yet, and you probably have no reason to take me on my word when I say I'm skilled in the area, I'd still like to know if anyone without any skill in combout would be interested in instruction in self-defense, were I to offer it.

Or, for those already more practiced, interested in further honing your skills with melee weapons, provided they could become available- though I can make practice swords from wood easily enough.

I can also give lessons in basic archery, but it's never been my strongest skill. I'm far better at deflecting arrows than nocking them. [She smiles a little, as if at a private joke]

I won't turn away any students, regardless of whether you can pay or not. As people have pointed out to me, there are dangers here, and it would be irresponsible of me not to do everything I can to help- and one of the things I can do is to teach.

Also, does the city have a library, or something similar? I'd like to know of the philosophers and literature of this world.
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[No one who knows Wes will be terribly surprised to see that the background of the video feed shows a local bar. LIstening to angry drunks? Just plain drinking? That's the trick isn't it?

But he's grinning into the camera.]

So, any of you spacey types want to hear more about the satellites?
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[The video shows Diana's face, though not an uncomfortably close-up view of it. She seems to be comfortable enough using this sort of technology.]

I've been told this device is connected to a network that allows me to communicate to those in a similar situation as myself- that is, others who seem to have found themselves evicted from their home realities for no apparent reason, and brought to this one. It seemed fitting to introduce myself.

My name is Diana, though back home I'm known by a few other titles that I don't imagine are quite as important here, though I'm certainly willing to answer questions if you're curious.

I do hope I can offer some sort of service to this community, if I'm to stay here for some time.


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