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[Audio] Sunday, Week 84: Aberrations and Opportunities

McCoy here.

If you're one of our set of people inclined to hit things, I've got a list of targets for you. Three separate incursions into this reality need to be taken care of.

If you've never gone after them before, they're variations on that thing that washed up down at the docks a couple weeks ago: big, nasty, and if you take an injury from them, inhale particles from them or otherwise get their material in contact with yours, you're in for a damned painful and currently unpreventable death.

Normally I prefer that people avoid activities that risk them dying horribly, but these things are a drain on Salvation's resources. Since the greater good would indicate stopping them before they multiply to keeping reality from coming apart at the seams, I'll make an exception this time. Try not to cuddle them.

I also have some information on that little complication Salvation filled us in on and a potential solution for it. I'll make a point of lingering in the ship gardens if you want to know more, because I'm sure as hell not talking about it on an open channel.
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Simply point me in the proper direction and I will do all I can. I've gone up against them before.

[And died twice in the process, but, you know. Whatever.]

I've been hunting them in the local forests and mountains, but haven't found a trace. How far away are they?
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I would be willing to take on the quarantine zone run. I am functionally immune to illness of any kind I have come across. I wouldn't be able to go alone and still handle the entire nest, depending on the size, but I would not require a suit, at least, which makes me potentially more effective.

[And he's been wanting to get in there for a long time....]

Besides, Leah trusts me to an extent, I believe, so I she may allow me when she might not trust some of the others.
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Now, now. I'm perfectly capable of working with distasteful people, if it's for the common good.

[He's sort of teasing. Mostly. He can work with Stark, after all, and he has before, but that doesn't mean he has to like the man.]

I'll contact him and see if we can put something useful together to distract the wraiths.
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Of course. I don't think I would let you come with us, even if you wanted to, Doctor. This will be dangerous enough without bringing along civilians. No offense meant, of course.

[He might be teasing a little bit there, too. He likes McCoy, after all, and he's pretty sure the guy won't take offense at the comment.]