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Professor Randolph Lyall ([personal profile] professorwolf) wrote in [community profile] outer_divide2015-05-25 03:32 pm

[Video + Text] Just after midnight, Monday morning

[Though the shriek isn't caught on camera, Lyall is quick to bring his communicator up to video the form he sees flying through the air across the face of Antigua. If he didn't know better... well. He streams that onto the network, first without commentary, but then, once it's out of sight again, with text.]

Did anyone else see that or did I drink formaldehyde without realizing it, tonight?

[Because, uh, he's got a wolf's head still. He can't ask that out loud.]
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[personal profile] roddy_reinigen 2015-05-27 09:18 pm (UTC)(link)
I saw it, too. The guy I was just talking to is pretty sure it's a dragon.