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Video: Wednesday, Week 85

It took a while for me to work out all the numbers, but it's official. I'm now only breaking half as many wizarding laws here by doing magic.

[He's smiling at this realization. Some people would say it was just their birthday. But there's something about Gryffindors and rules.]
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[The werewolf on the other end looks vaguely puzzled.]

Why would that number change?

[He's smart, but birthdays aren't quite as big a thing in his time, okay. Nor does he know much about wizarding laws.]
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[That one, he puts together.]

Ah. Congratulations on coming of age, Mr. Longbottom.

[It's a mark of respect to use a young man's last name rather than first name-- especially since they don't really know each other well.]
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[No, he didn't hear that wrong, he's trying to parse what exactly that means. And the only other meaning he has for "apparition" is related to ghosts, and he's pretty sure that's not what Neville is after.]
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Oh, that would be useful, yes. And you have no way to learn it without a teacher?
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Oh dear. It isn't as easy as it sounds, then, even for someone with magic. Best you not try it-- though I suppose if you wanted to be particularly reckless, death here isn't exactly permanent. Just still painful.
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That much a what?

[He knows what a "gryphon" is, and obviously what a "door" is, but he doesn't know what they mean put together... or in relation to this particular young man. Sorry, Neville, he just hasn't done a lot of chatting with people from your universe yet.

It does sound kind of silly, though.]
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I've never seen any evidence to the contrary, from you, Mr. Longbottom. How does this hat... choose?
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[That dubiousness isn't exactly well-concealed, Neville. He offers the insight of a 300 year old werewolf, who has seen a whole lot of reckless behavior coded as "nobility" and "honor" and "bravery", and generally scorned it, himself:]

There are more kinds of bravery than merely leading the charge into battle or tearing down unjust regimes, Mr. Longbottom. Perhaps the quieter kind is what this hat saw.
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Is loyal and hardworking another house trait?
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Oh, yes, Miss Hufflepuff. We spoke a few times. Can no one in the other houses also share these traits? How strictly regimented is this school of yours?

[He's asking out of curiosity, rather than judgment, honest.]